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3 things to know about used 5 series parts.

Bmw m3

Looking for BMW Used Auto Parts for 5 Series? 3 Things You Should Know

The BMW 5 Series is one of the most popular and much-loved mid-sized sedan series across the world. Since 1972 it has been the workhorse of the German carmaker’s mid-price segment lineup. Since its inception, the series has undergone tremendous transformations. Today, the sleek, sexy, and luxurious 5 Series sedans are a sight to behold and a matter of pride for the owners. If you own a BMW 5 Series sedan and are looking for used bmw parts for your vehicle, here are some things you must know.

It’s Not Easy

BMW’s relentless efforts to improve the 5 Series models each year means that the design and the components have changed frequently. This poses some unique challenges to car owners. It can often be challenging to find the right BMW used auto parts for your model, or a bit expensive, or perhaps even both. The supply side is particularly constrained in smaller cities, towns, and communities, where there may not be enough supply of used cars for salvaging to support the demand for parts.

Therefore, car owners will be better off by relying on BMW used auto parts suppliers, such as dismantling shops, who have a larger presence – maybe in more cities or even counties.

Used BMW Parts “Can” Be As Reliable As New Parts

In the case of some models, like the 2020 BMW 5-Series models, the cars are designed to be highly reliable. The company’s extreme focus on reliability means that the parts are designed to survive many years of use. So, even the used car parts of such models tend to last. Not to mention the fact that they cost only a fraction of that of new parts. So, they are an excellent bargain for car owners.

Use Beyond the Car’s Lifecycle

BMW has impressive support and service guarantees. On top of that, its 5 Series cars, especially the new models, have an outstanding track record of reliability. The 4-year/50,000-mile warranty is just icing on the cake. Even beyond the warranty period, the cars are dependable and do not throw up frequent issues. However, over the years, the availability of new parts takes a hit. When that happens, BMW used auto parts come to the rescue and ensure that your vehicle gets a reliable supply of parts at an affordable price.

Irrespective of logistical constraints facing the brand, you can enjoy a hassle-free repair experience by relying on a reputed BMW used auto parts supplier, like Rancho Cordova Dismantlers.

To get high-quality, reliable, and original BMW used auto parts, get in touch with Rancho Cordova Dismantlers.

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Keep This In Mind When Buying Used Auto Parts

Used Auto Part Dismantler Shop

Heading to a Used Auto Dismantler for Parts? Keep These Factors in Mind.


Maintaining a road-worthy car requires regular maintenance, which is a sizeable expense. However, the costs of maintenance soar much higher when the car needs a part replaced. To keep a car fit for the road, the owner ends up paying an average of $8469 annually. As the cars are getting smarter with the introduction of sophisticated technology, the costs are only going to balloon up. A small dent to the front can fetch you a bill of $3000 while a bump to the rear bumper with parking sensors can incur up to $2000 in repair costs.

Such rising costs of vehicle repair encourage drivers to gravitate towards the used parts market. Drivers can head to an OEM parts dealer or look for used auto parts online, but approaching a used auto car dismantler is a preferred choice of drivers. After all, a used auto car dismantler provides great savings and good value to its clients. But, when you do, keep these factors in mind before you finalize a deal.

Assess the Offering

Different auto dismantlers offer different services. You may find one that salvage parts from old cars and only sell them to you. They are a cheaper option as you can save the labor charges and bringing the cost of the part replacement even lower. Such a used auto dismantler will usually ask you to sign a waiver in order to stay away from any problems in the installation or use. On the other hand, some used auto dismantlers like the Rancho Cordova auto dismantler provide salvage, sell and also install the part in your car. Since the used auto dismantler is replacing the part, they may provide some form of service warranty.


Finding the Right Part

Each used auto dismantler has a unique way of organizing their business. Some may be storing a big inventory where you can go on a “parts’ hunt” and if you are lucky you will find what you are looking for. At more organized and experienced used auto dismantler, you are going to find a system of organization in place. They will either arrange their used parts’ inventory on the basis of the car brand, type of car, part model, and so on. You won’t be wasting time and effort if a part is not available. Such an organized approach makes it way easier to find the exact part you are looking for.

Also, you have to understand that not every used auto dismantler will sell all the car parts. The more popular the model and the more common the car you own, the easier it will be to find a replacement. For instance, if you own a classic vehicle, then a lot of people may be looking for the same parts to restore vintage vehicles. Instead of visiting every shop, call the used auto dismantler to ask them if they deal in the parts or the car brand you are interested in.


Degree of Wear & Tear

When you go looking for car parts at your local used car dismantler, make sure to check the wear and tear the part has suffered. You should keep in mind that the part belongs to an old and used car. It was salvaged and not a new piece. So, you will need to inspect it harder to ensure that the part will be useful for a considerable time after you install it. While certain defects will come to light once the part has been replaced, you can minimize your risk by asking about the part’s warranty. It will help add more legitimacy to the purchase and also shield you from wasting your money on a sub-par automotive part.


Competitive Pricing of Used Auto Dismantlers

You can find the same parts for a variety of different prices in the market. In such a case, you will want to have some idea about the approximate pricing of the part. There are a lot of online stores available that sell used parts. You can visit their websites to find the price of the part and then go to the market to buy it. A reputed service provider like the Rancho Cordova auto dismantler will always offer you parts at a fair market value. However, you should keep in mind that a part that is newer or better in quality will cost more than the ones that are not. So, find a reputed used auto dismantler in order to avoid any scams.

Get the Most Out of Your Money

A used auto dismantler provides you good value for your buck. You pay considerably lower than a brand-new part and you can always trust an established local shop to offer you a reliable product. However, when you go used part shopping, make sure that you keep all these factors in mind in order to secure the best deal possible.

What to keep in mind when buying a Salvage Auto


If you are looking to get a used car, make sure to check out Sac City Auto Part’s Inventory. We Deliver Nation Wide.

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Used Audi Parts

Used Audi Parts

3 Tips You Should Keep In Mind Before You Buy Used Audi Parts


Performance is a corner stone of every Audi car. The German manufacturer has maintained an intimidating position in the automobile industry by producing vehicles with immaculate and high-quality parts. Every inch of an Audi is made to deliver. But, as the car gets older, the expense on its maintenance goes higher. Audi is a luxury brand and its routine maintenance costs mirror the luxury. While early scheduled maintenance starts at $200, an older car can easily cost close to $900 for every routine maintenance appointment.

The costs quickly multiply when you have to repair or replace parts. With brake pads at $400, tires at $300 each, battery for over $300, the used Audi parts market looks a more reasonable option. However, when you are dealing in used car parts, there are a several things you should keep in mind before installation to prevent any complications in the future. Here are the 5 tips that will enable you to buy used Audi parts like an expert.


Only Trust Reputable Sellers

When buying used Audi parts, a reputable seller is the way to go. You can choose to buy the used car parts online or offline. The only problem with online sellers is that almost anyone can set up an eBay or Craigslist account and start selling. On the other hand, offline used Audi parts are sold by mechanics or auto dismantlers who usually come with some degree of experience. It allows them to tell you more about the part.

Keep in mind that a brick-and-mortar shop comes with additional overhead costs. These costs are reflected in the retail price of the parts. So, the same used Audi parts may be cheaper at an online store and slightly pricier in the shop of an auto dismantler.


Know What You Are Looking For

Collect all the information about the used Audi parts you need before you go looking for them. There are multiple ways in which you can ensure that you are spending your money on what you precisely need.

  • Model Type or Number

Find out any specific identifier for the part you need replaced. This can be a model number that you can find engraved on the part or in the user manual that came with the car. The part numbers will help you find the exact used Audi parts you want.


  • Do Your Research

Use the vehicle identification number of the car to perform an online search about the car you own. Once you get hold of that information, it will be easier for you to pinpoint the component your car needs and it will become easier to find a replacement for it.


  • Carry the Part

If you are not able to find any kind of information about the used Audi parts you want, the easiest thing to do would be to carry the part with you. But, make sure that you are visiting a trustworthy used car parts’ dealer to ensure they get you a genuine replacement.


Gauge the Quality

When it comes to used car parts, you have to take the word of the seller offering it. However, you can find out a lot about the Audi car parts you need by asking about the history of the car part.

  • Age of the Parts

When auto dismantlers put used car parts for sale, they are going to make them look good. So, a close inspection needs to be done. Look for defects like cracks, rust, crooked parts, and so on. Ask the seller for the age of the parts and if they have any proof for it. This should give you a good idea about the quality of the part you are getting.

  • Find the Modifications

You should ask the sellers as many questions as you want to understand the repair history of the used Audi parts you are buying. You should want to know about any kind of repairs that may have been done to the parts. This would be a good time to find out about a warranty or any assurance that the seller provides with the parts.

  • Reasonable Price Range

It is instinctive to gravitate towards used Audi parts that cost less. However, make sure that you do not trade off quality for price. If certain parts cost way too less than the market price then it may be an indication of the inferior quality of the part. It is better to steer clear of it.

Maximize Your Audi’s Life

Finding good used Audi parts can add several years to your favorite car. So, when you go shopping for these used car parts, make sure that your focus is on the “good”. Hunting for used Audi parts may look like hard work, but it is not if you find the right auto dismantlers to get the parts from. And it is absolutely worth the time and effort.

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Looking For Used Nissan Parts? Look No Further.

Used Nissan Auto Part

Where Can You Find Used Nissan Parts for Sale?

Nissan has been a reliable car brand that most Americans swear by. It oscillates between the #2 and the #3 slot for the highest annual number of cars sold in the United States. At its peak, Nissan sold over 1.5 million vehicles in one year. It’s wide variety of models and irreplaceable position in the American pop culture keep its popularity intact. Whether you are a fan of the 1955 classic Nissan Bel Air or find the Camaro a good buy, you are not alone. With so many Nissans out on the road, there is a huge demand for used Nissan parts in the US. Do you own a Nissan? Then, these are the places where you should go looking for them.

Local Auto Parts Store

You can easily find used Nissan parts for sale at multiple auto parts shop. Given the popularity of the Nissan brand, most local stores would stock them. These are usually OEM parts which adds to the cost of the parts. You will be paying a premium for such parts, so make sure you receive some for of warranty with the part.

Online Stores

Online Stores rank high in convenience. You can go through the entire shop’s inventory in one go and find the part you are looking for. A big drawback with buying used Nissan parts from an online store is quality control. You are expected to buy a part based on the pictures posted by the sellers. You cannot physically check the part to find any damages before buying it. If you receive a defective piece, you won’t be able to use it.

Auto Dismantlers

Used Nissan Auto Parts

Auto dismantlers salvage parts from old vehicles to get you the part of your choice. While an amateur may damage a part, expert auto dismantlers can easily retrieve any part from a vehicle. Make sure that you carry the model number for the used Nissan parts you are looking for. It will help you find the exact parts you are looking for without investing a lot of time. The Nissan parts for sale that you will find here will be priced highly affordably, which will dramatically bring down your cost of replacement.

Find Your Place For Used Nissan Parts

All of the above places offer used Nissan parts for sale. However, you should do your due research to make a decision on where you should buy them from. A Nissan vehicle is meant to be durable, and routine maintenance and good quality replacements can make the life of the car even longer.

For any used car inquiries, don’t hesitate to give Sac City Auto a call ! We offer Nation Wide Shipping. (916) 463-9111


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Why Are Used Auto Parts So Popular?

Used BMW parts

Are You Not Buying Used Auto Parts? Stop Missing Out!

Americans love their cars. An IHS report stated that the age of a typical car on the US roads was 11.5 years. It does not mean Americans are not buying new cars. They are! They are just not selling or scraping their existing cars. As a result, the overall fleet in the United States has seen the average age increase by 17%. As the age of the fleet increases, so does the demand for auto parts. As expected, the industry reached $73billion in revenue in 2019. Maintaining a car is clearly big business.

A 2017 study by AAA showed that the cost of owning and operating a vehicle in the US was $8500 with the biggest component being maintenance & repair. In fact, a third of drivers were not in a position to afford an unexpected maintenance bill. This may cause drivers to delay maintenance. Instead of taking such a drastic decision, those looking for replacing car parts, also have an option of exploring the used auto parts market.

Here are the top reasons of why used auto parts are such a lucrative alternative.

The Undeniable Cost Savings

The first, most obvious, and important reason to opt for used auto parts is the huge cost benefit that you can realize from it. Brand new auto parts are the instinctive choice among people. However, for the most part, you are paying a premium for the “new” part rather than the actual cost of the car. With a used car part, you are paying only for the functionality. You are stripping away the big premium attached to the brand name, which can result in big savings.

Moreover, when you are dealing with an older car, why would you want to use a new car part? You won’t be able to get the complete utility out of the car part anyway. So, you will be paying for the car part that will be used by the next owner of the car or inevitably find its way into the used auto parts market. Why would want to do that?

Easy Access & Availability of Used Parts

The used auto parts market is fiercely popular among the vintage car dealers. Now, if you are looking to get work done on a Nissan 300ZX, you won’t be heading to a dealership to find the parts you need. You will have to find used Nissan parts that have been refurbished to be used in your classic vehicle. You depend on a dealer to scrape old parts from a Nissan 300ZX to put in your prized car. These cars command a premium in vintage car shows. So, good used auto parts are a complete At that point, used auto parts are your only option.

Something about used auto part shops and why to buy used auto parts