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How to Replace An Infiniti G35 Door?

How To Replace An Infiniti G35 Door?

Infiniti is a hugely popular brand under the umbrella of the Nissan Motor Company. The Infiniti G35, a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan, enjoys a massive fan-following, although it was discontinued in 2008. If you own one of these, then replacing the car door can be a bit tricky. The design of this car is such that you must remove the interior panel of the door when you are installing a new speaker or when you need to repair the door lock. So today we will learn how to replace your Infiniti’s door.

Tricky, not impossible. Not when we are here to help you!

how to replace an Infiniti g35 door


The Infiniti G35 door, for both coupe and sedan models, can be removed and replaced using the same technique. So, if you are looking for a professional take on replacing an Infiniti G35 door, here it is.

Removing The Panel

Step 0

You will need usual car tools to take off the G35 engine, so make sure that you have them at hand. You will need the following tools: flathead screwdriver, pliers, screwdriver, and a door trim tool.

Step 1

Switch off the car engine. You should be able to locate the battery for the Infiniti G35 by the passenger side of the engine and near the windshield of the car. Disconnect the battery cable there.

Step 2

The first thing you will need is a flathead screwdriver to take out the courtesy light lens. The lens lies at the bottom of the G35 door panel. Then you need to remove the silver trim panel that lays over the door panel armrest.

Step 3

As you remove the door panel armrest, you will be able to see the mounting screws. These mounting screws are located behind the door panel. Remove them.

Step 4

Once the mounting screws are taken out, you will come across the control panel for the power window. Remove the control panel. You will also find a complete electrical module behind the panel, which needs to be removed as well.

Step 5

After removing the electrical module, pull the interior door handle to get access to the mounting screw. The mounting screw is situated right behind the door handle. Remove the mounting screw. Then you will be able to move the panel around the handle. Make sure that you are careful when you slide the panel out.

Step 6

The only remaining connections between the G35 door and the car are the 9 clips – three on each side of the door and three at the bottom. Use the door trim to unhinge the clips that run around the door panel.

Step 7

Once you have unclipped the door, you can pull the door panel out. However, be careful while pulling the door out. You may want to wiggle it a little to get it out of its position and then pull it out.

Replacing the Door

Once you have pulled out the door, you can then go on to replace any part you want – whether it is the window, the handle, or anything else.

If you are going to install the door back, all need to do is follow the steps in the reverse order.

Things to Remember

Here are a few tips that will help make the replacement procedure a hassle-free experience for you.

Keep Count

When you are taking out the door panel, make sure that you meticulously keep count of all the screws that come out. You will need all the screws when you put the Infiniti G35 door back in place. A single missing screw can make the task more difficult.

Find the Part

Whether it is the door handle or a speaker that needs replacement, always ensure beforehand that you have the exact part for replacement. You do not want to pull the door apart to only find that you don’t have the right replacement part.

Multiple Options

Infiniti G35 is a popular variant, so there are a lot of after-market part options available. Too many choices can often lead to confusion or error in the purchase. Therefore, always buy from a reliable source to get the best quality and correct parts.

Invest in Good Tools

This is a good rule to follow while working on any car. High-quality tools may require an initial investment, but they will save you a lot of time and ensure that you get good results. They’ll also save you from repeat purchases that you’ll likely incur with damaged cheap tools.

Avoid Safety Hazards

When you are replacing the door of the Infiniti G35, you should ensure that every part is installed right. If you did the job right, the door will align flawlessly when you are done. A misaligned door may lead to water entering the car or worse, become a safety hazard while driving.

Now That You Know How To Replace An Infiniti G35 Door

Infiniti G35 from Nissan is a car that is easy to work with. Whether it is the design of the car or the availability of its parts, you can comfortably maintain and repair it. Therefore, if your Infiniti G35 door needs replacement, you can easily do it by yourself with basic tools and a simple guide. Just make sure that you follow the steps meticulously and stay mindful of the car’s safety.

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